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Case 6: Closing Midline Diastema

closing Pre-operative midline diastema
closing final crowns midline diastema
Final crowns

Case 7: Restoration of anterior decayed, discoloured and chipped teeth with veneers

chipped veneer tooth before repair
chipped veneer tooth after repair

Case 8: Correction of anterior rotated teeth

correction before anterior rotated teeth
correction after anterior rotated teeth

Case 9: Dental Implants:

missing teeth in lower jaw
Missing teeth in lower jaw
abutments attached to implants
Abutments attached to implants
final restoration dental implants
Final restoration

Case 10: Treatment of gingival overgrowth

treatment of gingivaltreatment of gingival overgrowth

Case 11: Root coverage procedures

root coverageroot coverage procedures

Case 12: Removal of dark melanin pigment from gums.

removal of dark melanin pigmentremoval of dark melanin pigment from gums

Case 13: Correction of tooth color and alignment with veneers and crowns

correction of tooth coloralignment with veneers and crowns

Case 14: Direct sinus lift with simultaneous implant placement

direct sinus lift with simultaneoussimultaneous implant placement

Case 15: Smile restored with procera crowns:

smile restoredsmile restored with procera crowns

Case 16: Sinus lift procedure:

sinus liftsinus lift procedure

Case 17: Smile makeover with Cosmetic Dentistry

smile makeoversmile makeover with cosmetic dentistry

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