Basal Dental Implants (From start to finish in 72hrs)

Basal Dental Implants

These are immediate loading implants similar to the screws used in orthopedic surgery. Conventional implants are placed in spongy (soft) bone, these basal implants are anchored in the cortical bone (hardest bone).

This makes the implants highly stable and suitable for immediate loading. Moreover basal implants are single piece structures made of biocompatible titanium alloy which eliminates the instances of abutment loosening seen in conventional implants.

Other advantage

    Basal Dental Implants Advantage
  • Basal Implants follow the protocol of immediate loading unlike conventional implants which need a healing time of 3 to 6 months before the actual crown can be placed.
  • Basal implants can be placed in “no bone” cases which in normal routine would need extensive bone augmentation procedures using bone grafts. This not only increases the cost but also the time duration during which the patient has to stay without teeth.
  • Basal implants have been demonstrated to be successful even in patient with severe periodontal diseases.These implants can be immediately placed and loaded even in periodontal cases.
  • Basal Implants are indicated even in smokers and those with controlled diabetes.
  • Since basal implants are smooth surfaced, the incidence of peri-implantitis or infection around the implant is almost negligible.
  • The dental implants are placed with a least invasive flapless technique, so the post-operative recovery is quick.