Conscious sedation for Kids

dental treatment for kids

Getting dental treatment for kids has been stressful always- not only for the child only but also for the parents. Infact it has been seen that parents are often more anxious than the child itself!!

 It is very normal for a child who enters the dental office for the first time to feel uneasy and restless to see the dental chair and other equipment. Leave aside getting treatment, it is difficult to make the child even sit on the dental chair!

This does not mean that we ignore the child’s dental care needs. Repeated visit and getting friendly with the child does help in a vast number of cases. However when the child is still uncooperative or the time available is short, conscious sedation can be used as a tool to complete the child’s dental treatment.


  • Conscious sedation is routinely used in treating children who are highly uncooperative
  • When a lot of dental work is needed
  • In children with special needs

Procedure of oral conscious saedation

It simply involves giving a pill to the child 1 hour before the procedure. The pill relieves stress and anxiety and induces a sleep like state in the child although the child is responsive to verbal commands. The child remains conscious at all times.

Is it safe?

The procedure is completely safe and routinely used for kids.