Periodontal Deep Cleaning Laser Treatment

This is preferred line of treatment for mild to moderate cases of periodontitis. In such cases food debris can accumulated in gum pockets and get hardened to cling to the tooth root surface. Instrumentation below gum margin is painful, so the procedure is done under local anesthesia. It is a conservative procedure wherein no incision is made and hence no sutures are needed. The aim is to clean plaque, calculus and food debris located below the gum margin which normal scaling is unable to clean.

When is Dental Deep Cleaning Procedure required?

  • Mild to moderately deep pockets in gums
  • Incomplete resolution of inflammation after normal scaling and polishing procedure
  • Medical condition of the patient is such that a flap surgery cannot be performed as in patient on blood thinners

Dental Deep Cleaning Procedure

It is done on one half of each jaw at a time. Depending on how comfortable the patient feels more area can also be safely involved. Local anesthesia is administered in the involved area. Using special instruments designed for subgingival instrumentation the deposits are removed using both hand and mechanical scalers. The root surfaces are then planed to make them smooth for gum attachment.

Periodontal Healing

Due to close approach and conservative nature of the procedure, there is minimal postoperative pain or discomfort. Some post-operative sensitivity may persist for some time due to exposed clean root surfaces but it subsides with time. If you too are suffering from gum/periodontal problems and in need of deep dental/ periodontal cleaning in Delhi/ NCR area, contact our periodontistthe dental gum experts today for best periodontal deep cleaning laser treatment.