Dental Laser

laser dentistry

Like in medicine, Lasers have also found wide applications in dental procedures too. We use lasers in soft-tissue surgeries as frenectomy, depigmentation, tissue recontouring, implant exposure, biopsy, gingivectomy but lasers for cavity preparation and bone surgery are also gaining popularity.

Advantages of laser surgery:

  • Clean, bloodless field for the operator
    Laser helps to clot blood. So the area remains clean and dry during surgery
  • Less Bleeding & Swelling
    Use of lasers in dental surgery has been associated with less post-operative complications of pain and swelling
  • Accuracy & Precision
    In experienced hands, precise control and accuracy is assured
  • Reduced Trauma
    Due to less bleeding and welling, the overall experience of the patient is less traumatic.
  • Need for anesthesia is minimized or completely eliminated, in some cases.
  • Faster wound healing
    The bactericidal effect of lasers used at low power helps promote faster wound healing