Dental Packages

Since every one of us is unique, so are our dental treatment needs and expectations. There is no “one solution fits all” sort of treatment. We at Dr. Garg’s Dental centre offer customized treatment planning to all our patients.

These dental packages are devised after a thorough discussion and detailed evaluation of the patient’s age, cosmetic needs, medical health staus, oral hygiene, patient’s expectations and the budget. The primary emphasis is laid on preserving the natural dentition as far as possible.

To be able to provide you with an accurate, professional dental package, it is essential that the dental specialists who will actually be carrying out your treatment are the same with those involved with the assessment of your case.

For those of you who are looking to get an estimate of the involved expenditure kindly send in your dental records for examination by our dental team. We will devise a comprehensive dental pacakage and mail it back to you along with the involved expenses, number of visits and the time scale.