Dental Technology

Quality is never an accident. It is the result of meticulous planning, teamwork and a commitment to excellence".

Keeping this in mind, the clinic has been so designed and equipped to serve our patients in the best possible way.

Experience and skill:

We consider our experience and skill our greatest assets. The latest technology in the best of hands ensures every procedure performed at our centre is completed with perfection.

Digital Imaging

digital imaging

The digital radiography uses computerized images, which can be stored, manipulated, and corrected for under- and over-exposures. In addition to saving time, it also minimizes the radiation exposure to the patients by at least 10 times compared to a conventional X-ray film. The magnification of the digital images also enhances the diagnostic capability as well as treatment efficiency of the operator. Due to the clear advantage of the digital images and to the important educational component of online images presented to the patient, the digital radiography has completely replaced conventional radiography in modern daily practice.

clinic equipped with zoom

The clinic is equipped with zoom whitening system-the gold standard for tooth whitening. Not only is it safe and comfortable, results produced are the best and long - lasting.

Rotary endodontics

rotary endodontics

We use the latest rotary endodontics in our practice. It increases patient comfort by minimizing chair side time simultaneously increasing the efficiency of treatment

Injex-the needle free injection system

injex needlefree injection system

It is an alternative to the traditional needle injections. The advantages of the system include:

  • Less fear of going to the patient, particularly for children
  • Use of the INJEX30 needle free injection system is less painful because the skin is penetrated by an extremely fine jet of medication.
  • Sufficient anaesthesia is achieved with a relatively low dosage.
  • The extent of soft tissue numbness is greatly reduced.  This is a positive side effect which adds to the patient’s overall experience.
  • Eliminates the risk of infection at the injection site

Intra-oral Camera

intra oral camera

It has been rightly said that "seeing is believing." To correctly educate the patient regarding the actual condition inside the mouth, an intra-oral camera is used. The device easily reaches to the inaccessible areas of the mouth and displays the condition on the computer. It is used for patient counseling, discussion with the patient regarding the line of treatment and of course as a motivational tool.

Infection Control

infection controloral infection controloral infection control

As a health care provider we are fully versed with the possibilities of disease transmission to our patients. We therefore consider it our moral responsibility to ensure proper Infection control in the operatory. All standard international protocols of sterilization and disinfection are followed in our practice.

We invite you to come and experience an extraordinary dental experience!