Dentistry as practiced today is in dramatic contrast to what it was just a few years back. Previously it was limited to treating toothaches (mostly by extraction) or replacing missing teeth by dentures.

Today, extractions no longer are the treatment of choice. The emphasis has shifted to restorative dentistry: to restore each and every tooth. Newer restorative techniques of bonding and post can now save teeth which otherwise would need extraction.

A large number of patients presenting today report cosmetic dental problems which needs to be addressed by one or more cosmetic dentistry procedures. More and more people want teeth whitening procedures. People have become a lot more conscious of their smiles and ask for veneers.

Implant Dentistry has gain new heights in popularity and has truly revolutionized the practice of dentistry. As dentist we can now provide fixed teeth to patients with few to complete missing teeth.

Similarly there has been a similar improvement in the availability of dental materials and equipments. Right from digital imaging, practice management software, lasers, microscope, rotary instrumentation, --all have contributed a lot to the efficiency and hence success rate of dental procedures. We now have a range of treatment options for any dental problem.

Kid’s dentistry which was completely ignored before has been given a lot of attention. Since primary or milk teeth lay the foundation for the permanent teeth, a lot of emphasis is now given to preserve them till they are replaced. Parents are getting increasingly aware of it and get their children for check-ups regularly and opt for treating and saving the primary teeth rather than just extracting them.

Orthodontic treatment which was previously limited to children has now broken the age limitations. The introduction of clear aligners had made even adults to opt for orthodontic treatment to correct their teeth alignment.

Geriatric Dentistry or the dentistry for seniors has also gained popularity. The treatment is no longer restricted to extractions and dentures. With proper care and professional help more and more seniors now have their own teeth. For missing teeth, implants have become the treatment of choice. This has dramatically improved the quality of life of the senior population.

With these advances not only we as a dentist have benefited, at the same time the patients too have. The advent of more comfortable dental chairs, newer anesthetic and sedation techniques and instruments, have improved the patient’s intra-operative experience and reduced the chair time for the patient.

So, if you are looking forward to have any dental treatment, come forward and take the advantage of the latest advances!