Digital RVG X-rays

digital RVG X-rays

The traditional dental x-ray films have been completely replaced by digital imaging. The technique uses a specially designed digital sensor instead of the conventional x-ray film to capture the x-ray. The image is then instantaneously transferred to the computer for viewing.

We use digital x-rays in our practice. The advantages of using digital imaging includes:

  • Quick( by eliminating the process of developing the film) thereby reduces the patient’s chair time.
  • Needs less x-ray exposure (About one –tenth) , so radiation exposure both to the doctor and patient are minimised.
  • Digital format facilitates easy storage. Can be also emailed to the patient
  • Subsequent images taken can be easily compared and monitored for healing
  • With the imaging software features, the images can be enlarged, brightened and even colored to enhance the diagnostic capability.