Full Mouth Scaling & Polishing

Mouth Scaling & Polishing

Just like every machinery needs a service for it’s long life and maintenance, so does your mouth. Scaling and polishing is the periodic service needed for your teeth and gums.

Why do we need scaling?
No matter how good we are at brushing, we cannot achieve 100% efficiency in cleaning. So, small depositions continue to occur on a daily basis. For long term maintenance of teeth, it is therefore advisable to go in for a professional cleaning once in six months even if you do not have an evident gum problem.
The effectiveness of the procedure depends largely on the stage of the disease, the efficiency of instrumentation and the maintenance on the part of the patient.

What is the procedure of scaling?
The proceure involves cleaning all the surfaces of your teeth by a mechanical device called scaler and through hand instrumentation. The scaler vibrates and dislodges all the debris from the tooth surface. The procedure removes food particles, plaque, stains and calculus accumulating around the tooth.

Why polishing also?
After scaling is done, it is as mandatory to get your teeth polished. Polishing smoothens the tooth surfaces made rough by deposits and at the same time add a gloss to your smile. Polished tooth surfaces are less likely to retain plaque immediately compared to a rough surface.

Ideally recommended frequency
It is ideally recommended to go in for scaling and polishing every 6 months. If followed religiously one is very less likely to face dental problems.

Scaling and polishing may even be combined with teeth whitening to get  a beautiful, white and flashy smile!