Socket Preservation Therapy

As the name applies, this procedure is a preservative step-one that preserves bone which is lost (both in height and width) after a routine extraction procedure.

Why the socket therapy

Normally after an extraction the blood fills in the extraction wound forms aclot and later organizes into bone. However the bone shrinks remarkably during healing (almost 50%). Now when we plan to replace the lost tooth by an implant either the remaining bone is insufficient or we end up placing small implant both in height and diamteter. Even if a bridge is used to replace the missing tooth, the missing tooth has to be made bigger and bulkier to compensate for the missing bone.

Socket Preservation Therapy Procedure

Ideally indicated for every extraction involved.

socket therapy
Step 1
socket preservation therapy
Step 2
socket preservation therapy procedure
Step 3
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Step 4
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Step 5

Step 1 and 2: After the extraction is done, the socket is cleaned ,debrided and irrigated.

Step3: An artificial bone substitute (Bone Graft) is packed into the socket.

Step 4: A special membrane is used to cover the socket opening to prevent graft spilling.

Step5: The gum margins around the socket are stitched together and left to heal. Once healed the bone graft gets resorbed and converted to bone thereby preserving bone.